Oranet launch IPM+

Oranet have launched an industry changing software onto the market place with IPM+.

IPM+ is an Intelligent Power Management software that provides businesses with up to 60% power usage savings on their technology hardware including PC’s, laptop’s, Monitor’s, Server’s etc.

Companies will not only reduce their power usage therefore reducing their electricity bill but all lower their carbon footprint by reducing the CO2 emissions allowing them to further add to their savings by dealing in Carbon Credits.

More infomation is available on our website page : Oranet IPM+

Oranet in talks with Innive Inc.

Oranet are in advanced talks with the U.S. company Innive Inc. to form a strategic partnership as we look to add our OneView application as a enhancement to their current Airport 360 product.

Oranet will also become Innive partner in the UK & Europe to help promote the Airport 360 product to all airports in this area of the world. Innive are well established in U.S. and Middle East airports and have been looking for the right partner to help them move forward within the UK & Europe.

With Oranet’s OneView offering they believe they have found that partner.

E.On relationship flourishing

Oranet’s on site support work with E.On, based in Nottingham, continues to flourish as the 1 year anniversary looms.

Oranet have been providing on site developer support for the vast Oracle database estate that E.On currently manage – the work started in November 2016 and Oranet are currently contracted to continue their expert service well into 2018.

With exciting new changes planned for the IT estate in 2018, Oranet are looking forward to helping E.On move forward with the plans around development and support.

Informatrix partnership set to grow

Oranet have been working with Infomatrix Solutions for several years and now that strategic partnership looks set to expand as the 2 companies have laid out plans to create a new joint venture to launch a commercial & private landlord property management application.

This application has been developed on the successful OneView platform – an adaptable application already being jointly sold by the 2 companies.

The new venture will open up new markets and provide the opportunity to create a SaaS (Software as a Service) revenue stream.

Aerospace Managed Services

Talks are well underway between Oranet & a major Aerospace company to provide managed services support for their Oracle Databases, Servers & E-Business Suite Applications.If successful this will also provide the potential to a professional services contract to design, develop & implement their plans for a consolidation &

If successful this will also provide the potential to a professional services contract to design, develop & implement their plans for a consolidation & reporting/analytics project.

Redthorn Contract Secured

Oranet are pleased to announce that they will this month start work with Redthorn – this project will upgrade & re-design their bespoke Oracle MRP System which they currently help support over 250 manufacturing companies worldwide with.

Oranet will also look at rolling out the implementation of their OneView BI Analytics Application to help Redthorn offer their global clients a superior reporting platform. Giving every client an in depth view of their manufactoring business.

Brand New Data Warehouse

Oranet’s work with The West Brom Building Society continues to grow into 2016 with plans starting for a brand new Data Warehouse.

We will also be holding a demo of the OneView BI Application to allow them to determine if it’s a suitable analytical tool for their needs.

Oranet are now heading towards the 2 year mark working with The West Brom and are happy to continue working with this great company.

Potential Manufacturing Contract

Oranet has entered into talks & are currently on site doing an analysis of in-house systems with a major manufacturing MRP software provided.

The company are looking to Oranet to provide professional services to upgrade & re-design their bespoke MRP Software application currently installed at over 250 clients worldwide.

More news to follow…

Partnership Can Only Get Stronger

Oranet’s partnership with Infomatrix-Solutions goes from strength to strength as together we provide expert Oracle professional services along with the superb BI Application offering of OneView.

The 2 companies are now looking at expanding their services to include managed services – the perfect partner to provide long term support to the companies they have aleady worked with on consultancy, development & implementation.

More exciting offerings are currently in R&D and will be launched in 2016.

West Brom Contract Secured

Oranet are pleased to annouce they are teaming up with The West Brom Building Society to provide expert Business Intelligence & Management Information consultancy within their I.T. department.

We will be focusing on the design, development & implementation of regulatory reporting for finance & treasury while appraising the potential need for new Data Warehousing and reporting needs throughout the business.

We certainly believe we’ll be able to add value to an already popular finance institution who’s brand new Head Office is under construction showing their expansion plans for the future.