Intelligent Power Management – IPM+

IPM+ is an intelligent power management utility software that delivers up to 60% power savings through :

  • Fine-grained power usage control thanks to hardware & software sensors.
  • Fully customisable power saving schemes.
  • Little or no impact on users.
  • Centralised management.

Using Patented Technology ,  IPM+ continuously monitors hardware components (monitor, CPU, GPU, HD, Ports etc), running applications and system processes allowing IPM+ to minimise power wastage :

During Usage :

  • Only the required HW resources are on.
  • The hardware resources in use are in their optimal status, why use 4 cores  when 1 is enough?
  • The transition from Active to Idle or Active Standby occurs as soon as it is safe to do so.

During Idle or Active Standby :

  • Only the HW resources that are required are kept on.
  • Any HW Resources which are on are also in their lowest power consumption level.

In Summary, your company receives the following :

  • LOWER Electricity Consumption.
  • LONGER Laptop battery life.
  • LOWER Peak & High load charges.
  • LOWER  UPS power load.
  • LOWER Cooling loads.
  • LOWER Carbon footprint.

Contact us today about IPM+ and see how you can start saving money!