Oneview Platform



OneView™ is a fully customisable platform that provides technological solutions to the biggest headaches for businesses and organisations, from many industry sectors.

It can present data from any system allowing businesses to know more about their company and discover what’s happening with their business. It can also assist with those that want to plan ahead based on accurate information of where their business should be heading.

What makes us special

OneView™ is both operational as well as analytical, it hits all the right notes regardless of issue or industry.

If your organisation is currently using spreadsheets or macros for any process then this is something OneView™ can assist you with, including Business Process Management (BPM) to enable multi-company, multi-platform reporting.

Get ready to access critical information at your fingertips, OneView™ combines all the capabilities of traditional business intelligence offerings and more: data connectivity access, data maintenance, personalised and self-service reporting and visual analytics.

Our featured applications

  • Business Intelligence (Manufacturing, Finance)
  • Anti-Money Laundering (Finance)
  • Property Management (Letting Agents, Airports)
  • Machine Monitoring (Manufacturing, Healthcare)